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    #1269: San Francisco 1st City to Require Warnings of Cell Phone Radiation Risk at Point of Sale

    It is interesting to note that while Auckland, New Zealand considers a policy to make it compulsory for school kids to own a cell phone (last message), San Francisco establishes a policy to warn consumers of cell phone radiation risks. Opposite ends of the globe in more ways than one…..

    From Camilla Rees:

    15.06.2010 by Electromagnetic Health Blog

    Today was a very important day in San Francisco!

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed Mayor Gavin Newsom”™s cell phone “˜right to know”™ ordinance that will require retailers to post warnings of cell phone radiation risk at the point-of-sale.

    The ordinance, postponed last week to today to address legal liability concerns of the City of San Francisco and small business owners, passed with flying colors. In fact, it passed despite heavy lobbying by the telecommunications industry. To be enacted into law, there is first a 10 day comment period before the Mayor signs it into law.

    This is a watershed moment for health advocates in the U.S. and families who have or have had members with brain tumors.

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