• 04 MAY 10
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    #1245: Children and Cell Phones: Time To Start Talking Sense

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    Fifteen years ago Om Gandhi pointed out that children are
    exposed to higher levels of radiation from cell phones
    than adults. He was right then and he is right today.
    Yet, no one could blame you for thinking otherwise.

    In an article published in the May issue of Harper’s,
    Nathaniel Rich uses this putative controversy,
    among a number of other examples, to make the case
    that confusion reigns in all aspects of cell-phone
    research. “The brain of a child absorbs a much greater
    amount of radiation from a cell phone than does the brain
    of an adult,” he writes, adding immediately after,
    “No, it does not.”

    The truth is that there should be no controversy. Children
    do have higher radiation exposures and if cell phones are
    indeed doing us harm, then children are at greater
    risk than their parents.

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