• 24 FEB 10
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    #1222: Yet another Toowong ABC breast cancer case

    From Jack Verbank:


    Another ABC breast cancer case

    AN 18th woman who worked at the ABC’s former Brisbane headquarters has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Amarita Kinnoo, 44, worked in the ABC TV newsroom for seven years in the 1990s as a news and current affairs journalist.

    The broadcaster abandoned its studios at Toowong, in the city’s inner west, in late 2006 because of the breast cancer cluster.

    ABC Queensland news editor Bernard Bowen said the panel investigating the cluster was aware of the latest diagnosis.

    “It is still a source of frustration to us all that no cause has ever been established . . . and in all probability won’t ever be,” Bowen said yesterday.

    [ Don’s comment: Bowan is right there, considering how hard the so called expert panel worked on avoiding a thorough investigation into the possible ELF connection in spite of advice that such an investigation was needed. ]

    An ABC spokeswoman said the organisation’s response to the issue continued to be guided by an independent panel of experts. “The ABC has worked closely with the panel over the past few years to ensure the best care for those affected by the breast cancer cluster,” she said.

    [Don’s comment: ABC management knows a good thing when they see it…… No worries about litigation as long as a possible cause remains blissfully unknown with no trade union willing to take a stand on the issue for the sake of worker health in other ABC studios and similar workplaces.]

    For another independent viewpoint on what the ABC expert panel should have investigated see: http://www.emfacts.com/papers/toowong.pdf


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