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    #1220:Extensive report on Toyota vehicle recall

    Sent in by Alasdair Philips, Powerwatch:

    First page from the 9 page report:

    Link: http://www.nutwooduk.co.uk/downloads/Toyota.doc

    Toyota “sticking pedals” recall is a smokescreen

    Their sudden unintended acceleration problem is caused by electronics
    either due to EMI, lead-free soldering or software “bugs”

    By EurIng Keith Armstrong FIET, C.Eng, ACGI, www.cherryclough.com,
    phone/fax: +44 (0)1785 660 247, 13th February 2010
    1 US Government’s NHTSA contacted me for advice on EMI and Toyota electronics 1
    2 CTS pedal replacement could not have saved Mark Saylor and his family 2
    3 It is difficult/impossible to stop a runaway vehicle with the brakes 2
    4 EMI generally leaves no trace of a “defect” after an incident 2
    4.1 Why no “defect” can be found afterwards 2
    4.2 “Latch-up” as a possible cause 3
    4.3 What kind of misoperations can occur? 4
    4.4 “Black Box” data recorders 4
    4.5 Redundancy 4
    4.6 Lack of evidence proves nothing 4
    5 Complex electronics cannot be reliable enough for safety-critical systems 4
    6 EMC testing cannot prove EM immunity for safety-critical systems 5
    7 Auto electronics do not employ safety principles that have been commonplace, even mandatory, in many other industries for decades 6
    7.1 “Fail safes” must be independent systems 6
    7.2 Making the driver the back-up for vehicle control failure is bad practice 7
    8 Standards 7
    9 Lead-free soldering 7
    9.1 Tin whiskers 8
    9.2 Brittle solder joints 8
    9.3 Tin Pest 8
    9.4 Higher soldering temperatures can weaken components 8
    10 Software 9
    11 References 9

    1 US Government’s NHTSA contacted me for advice on EMI and Toyota electronics
    The US Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) has been wanting to speak to me for some weeks, to discuss the EMI implications of Toyota’s spate of sudden unintended acceleration incidents. They said they wanted to speak to me because they had no-one on their staff with my experience or knowledge of EMI and EMC.
    I imagine the fact that I’ve been presenting IEEE EMC Symposium papers on EMC and Functional Safety since 2001, including one addressed to the auto industry at a symposium in Detroit in 2008, played a part in their decision.


    Full report at: http://www.nutwooduk.co.uk/downloads/Toyota.doc

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