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    #1206: Conference on chemical mechanisms leading to EMF sensitivity

    In reference to the below conference an excellent book to read is Gunni Nordstrom’s “The Invisible Disease: The dangers of Environmental Illness caused by Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Emissions”.

    As far as a chemical link with EMF sensitivity, people working in electrical environments are also usually posed to a wide range of chemical emissions that out-gas from the equipment. The Swedish Union of Clerical and Technical Employees in Industry (SiF) commissioned quite a bit of excellent research, and funding researchers into these issues, up to the late 1990’s. What apparently was the case with workplace EMF sensitivity in Sweden was that exposure to chemicals may have been a factor in sensitizing some workers to EMF as well. In other words, in some cases where chemical exposure existed (such as working in a room with new computers with inadequate ventilation) the resultant chemical sensitivity may have led to EMF sensitivity. This is not to suggest that chemical exposure is a requirement for one to be electrosensitive, just that there may be a link in some cases.


    Exerpts from the conference flyer:

    The 28th Annual International Symposium on Man and His Environment in Health and Disease
    The Chemical Mechanisms Leading to EMF Sensitivity

    June 3 – 6, 2010, Dallas Texas.

    Since 1981, the International Symposium has been recognized as one of the most advanced medical forums in the world addressing the research and treatment of environmental effects on health and disease. The 2010 conference will focus on “The Chemical Mechanisms Leading to EMF Sensitivity.” For this year”s conference, we have assembled a faculty of top international experts for you. This Conference presents the most current information available while providing guidelines to identify, diagnose, treat and to prevent environmentally triggered responses in the body.

    Meeting goals

    Provide new insights into the mechanisms and the environmental causes behind many problems seen by the physician.
    Present new diagnostic and treatment modalities to help improve the quality of care for complex patients.
    Provide concepts and tools that will enhance the physicians practice.

    Meeting objectives

    Improve the outcome of treating patients with EMF sensitivity.
    Use new concepts and treatments to help better diagnose and manage many patients with EMF sensitivity.
    Apply the concepts of this conference by using nutrition and environmental manipulation for the treatment of EMF sensitivity
    Use the information presented to enhance the effectiveness, costefficiency, and competitiveness in relation to EMF sensitivity.

    Download the conference pdf at: http://www.aehf.com/symposium_2010/2010Symposium.pdf

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