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    #1186: Video from the Wireless Hazards Panel at Columbia Law School

    From Camilla Rees, ElectromagneticHealth.org:

    Dear Friends,
    Video from the Wireless Hazards Panel at Columbia Law School December 1, 2009 is now available: http://sn.im/tyrso

    The panel was comprised of Martin Blank, PhD, of the Columbia University Department of of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics; attorney Whitney North Seymour, Esq, a former NY State Senator, and former U.S. Attorney from the Southern District of NY, and Co-Founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and myself, founder of www.ElectromagneticHealth.org and Co-Author of “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”.

    We are grateful to Columbia for providing the opportunity to introduce the health and legal issues related to the unchecked proliferation of electromagnetic fields and very much hope lawyers and law students will be encouraged to go into public service law and focus on the many legal issues involved.

    There are many injustices happening, ranging from wireless radiation robbing people of their health; diminishing peoples equity in homes if antennas are put up nearby; causing people to spend large sums on remediation and mitigation; creating cognitive problems; interfering with learning in schools; creating slowed reflexes of government safety personnel; damaging everyone’s DNA and creating genetic mutations; greatly diminishing fertility; preventing employment in conventional office settings for people who are electrically sensitive; causing people the expense and inconvenience of moving when a new tower or antenna appears in the neighborhood or on the building; causing expensive dental work to become a hazardous hotspot in the head if made of metal; making most of modern life unaccessible for people with implanted medical equipment, such as deep brain stimulators, interfered with by electromagnetic fields; causing disorientation and navigation difficulties for birds, bees and other wildlife; and finally, possibly contributing to Bee Colony Collapse, which if not reversed will jeopardize the future of life on earth.

    The suffering of humans because of wireless technologies on all these fronts is a heavy fate to bear. Please help make 2010 a year in which the telecom industry is called to account.

    Share this video of the Columbia Law School Wireless Hazards Panel widely in your communities!! (60 min.) And donate to support EMF advocacy and research at www.ElectromagneticHealth.org if you are able.

    Camilla Rees

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