• 20 DEC 09
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    #1182: Powerline lawsuit in Israel

    Translation by Iris Atzmon:
    Yedioth Ahronot,
    18/12/09 by Yaron Doron.

    Karin Kdoshim from Givat Shmuel was an excellent student in school. In May 2000 when she was 17 years old, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with leukemia. In 2002 she died. Now 7 years later, her family is filing a lawsuit against the power company. The radiation was 10 times more than the standard of which there’s a cancer risk, according to IARC.

    Karin lived there since 1998, and the power company acted only in 2003 to reduce the level. Dr. Sigal Sadezki is the expert that helps the family, she wrote that “In a comprehensive check there was found no risk factor that can be related to the disease apart from her exposure to magnetic field. I think that it is certainly possible that her disease and death were caused by the radiation levels she was exposed to”.

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