• 29 NOV 09
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    #1161: December issue of EMR and Health now available

    From Lyn McLean, Director, EMR Australia PL:

    The “definitive study” on mobile phone safety will be released soon. But how soon is soon? What will it say? And how reliable are the results?

    The new Australian standard on ELF is complete – bar a few finishing touches. What are the new limits? When will it be released? And what are the implications of the document?

    The December issue of “EMR and Health” contains these stories and much more, including:
    – the latest scientific research
    – news from Australia’s ENA Scientific Workshop
    – news from the Australian Centre for RF Bioeffects Research
    – updates from around the globe
    – latest international calls for precaution.

    For more information, see our website at www.emraustralia.com.au or phone us on 02 9576 1772.

    warm regards
    Lyn McLean
    EMR Australia PL
    23 MacFarlane Pde
    Sylvania NSW 2224
    61 2 9576 1772

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