• 20 OCT 09
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    #1140: Mobile phone/brain tumour link reconfirmed. A worry for the Telcos.

    The latest meta-analysis of the mobile phone brain tumour studies reconfirms the observation that there is an apparent increased risk for long-term mobile phone users. The analysis was done by a team of Korean and U.S. researchers who examined thirteen previous studies. See Microwave News for more.


    Meanwhile the results of the largely industry funded Interphone study remain in limbo….

    The BIG worry for the Telco industry is that if a body of peer reviewed data is established that indicates an increased risk of harm from mobile phone use the flood gates of litigation will start to be opened. This was admitted by Australia’s Telstra in bold type in its 2004 Telstra Annual Report where it was stated, under the heading “Risk factors” that “[t]he establishment of a link between adverse health effects and electromagnetic energy (EME) could expose us to liability or negatively affect our operations”. No wonder that Telstra is now deeply embedded in the Australian mobile phone research effort in order to keep that particular risk factor firmly under control.

    So, internationally it can well be imagined the immense pressure being put on Interphone to downplay the reporting of any increased risk. Enough spin to topple a Whirling Dirvish…


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