• 12 JUN 09
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    #1070: Australia’s New EMF Exposure Standard: Five Conceits

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    At a time when there are calls for tightening EMF power-frequency exposure
    standards to address cancer risks, Australia is moving in the opposite
    direction. In mid-May, a committee working under ARPANSA, the national
    radiation protection agency, distributed a draft proposal that would triple
    the permissible exposure levels for the general public. If these rules are
    adopted, children could be exposed to up 3 Gauss (3,000mG), 24/7 –that’s
    one thousand times higher than the 3mG threshold for childhood leukemia
    indicated by epidemiological studies.

    How did this come about? We think it’s all about conceit. Conceit about what
    we know and what we don’t know; conceit about conflicts of interest
    and industry-inspired notions of precautionary policies.

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