• 25 MAY 09
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    #1064: Portland City Council resolution on wireless antennas and health – May 20, 2009 – video

    From Elizabeth Kelly:

    Dear Colleagues,

    Watch this video link to see the discussion and affirmative vote by the Portland City Council on a resolution that offers some health protection to neighborhoods from antennas. The City Council asks the FCC to look into health concerns. The video link is below. This vote is an outcome of years of open debate, led initially by former Portland City Mayor, Vera Katz. The testimony acknowledges the worldwide concerns about involuntary exposure to antennas and towers and what actions are being taken to address health concerns. This resolution represents the first such action by a U.S. City Council.


    Start your view of this video link at 78 minutes into the link. It lasts about 22 minutes. You will see the testimony of the telecom execs and two citizens.
    David Morrison, one of the citizens who spoke on this video, can be reached at wirelesswatch@yahoo.com.



    Elizabeth Kelley

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