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    #1032: the importance of transient electric and magnetic fields

    From Magda Havas:

    Important research (Ozen 2007, see abstract below) compares induced currents generated within the body of adults and children at power line frequency (50 Hz) and by transients up to 100 kHz (dirty electricity). It provides support for the biological importance of transients and complements the work that Sam Milham and Lloyd Morgan have done on the cancer cluster in the La Quinta Middle School (California) and the work that we’ve done regarding dirty electricity and its effects on diabetics, MS, and both students and teachers in schools.

    The calculated induced current is greatest when the external magnetic field is perpendicular to the front of the body. It is lower in children than adults (see below); and it increases with frequency (for the same magnetic flux density) (see below taken from Table 4).

    In Table 4, the calculated induced current density in body models for a 1 micro Tesla external magnetic field (perpendicular to front of body) at various frequencies is as follows. Induced current density (Jmax) is in microAmps/square meter.

    average man:
    1. 50 Hz – ~6 Jmax
    2. 100 Hz – ~ 18
    3. 10 kHz – ~ 2,400
    4. 100 kHz – ~35,900

    five-year old child:
    1. 50 Hz – ~3.6 Jmax
    2. 100 Hz – ~ 11
    3. 10 kHz – ~ 1,400
    4. 100 kHz – ~21,600

    Induced current is critical from a biological perspective. Stetzer, Hillman and Graham have been documenting the adverse effects of ground current and Kavet has published on the importance of contact current. Now we have additional information on induced current without direct contact. This is exactly what people are exposed to who have dirty electricity in their home/school/workplace.

    This study shows that in addition to microwave frequencies and ELF we need to look at these intermediate frequencies because we generate them with our technology; because they permeate our environment and our body; and because they have been shown to be biologically active.


    p.s. For those of you who would like to contact the author, his email address is: sukruozen@akdeniz.edu.tr

    Ozen, S. 2007. LOW-FREQUENCY TRANSIENT ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC FIELDS COUPLING TO CHILD BODY, Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2007), pp. 1″”6.

    S. Ozen*
    Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Akdeniz University, 07058 Antalya, Turkey

    Much of the research related to residential electric and magnetic field exposure focuses on cancer risk for children. But until now only little knowledge about coupling of external transient electric and magnetic fields with the child”s body at low frequency transients existed. In this study, current densities, in the frequency range from 50 Hz up to 100 kHz, induced by external electric and magnetic fields to child and adult human body, were investigated, as in residential areas, electric and magnetic fields become denser in this frequency band. For the calculations of induced fields and current density, the ellipsoidal body models are used. Current density induced by the external magnetic field (1 mT) and external electric field (1 V/m) is estimated. The results of this study show that the transient electric and magnetic fields would induce higher current density in the child body than power frequency fields with similar field strength.

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