• 24 FEB 09
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    #1025: Remember the Toowong ABC studios breast cancer cluster ?

    With the breast cancer cluster at the University of California, San Diego most likely to undergo a whitewash at the hands of industry consultant Leeka Kheifets (previous message) it is important that the lessons learned ( or unlearned as the case may be) from the Australian ABC Toowong breast cancer cluster case are passed on to those concerned at UCSD. Concerns over possible ELF magnetic fields from the affected women at the ABC studios at Toowong, Queensland were ignored for over 2 years and when measurements were finally taken they made no effort to try to replicate the power frequency EMF conditions that the women were actually working in. Only after the building was conveniently gutted of electrical equipment did the so-called expert panel admit they they should have checked more thoroughly.

    As with the ABC, the UCSD administration will be concerned that if a connection is found between the breast cancer cases and elevated fields (say 12 mG) where the women worked they may well be facing a huge legal payout, as well as having to redesign the literature building to eliminate the fields. As Kheifets is in the employ of UCSD she knows what she is being paid to do… ‘fix’ it the same way as was done in Australia…

    See our submission to the ABC expert panel:

    Breast cancer cluster at ABC Studios “” Toowong, Queensland: An independent perspective on extremely low frequency magnetic fields as a possible factor for the breast cancer cluster at the Brisbane ABC studios at Toowong Queensland.


    Also specific to Kheifets:

    Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A case study of the WHO”ôs EMF Task Group. JACNEM, Vol. 21 No. 1, pages 15-17, April 2006

    Don Maisch

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