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    #990: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution

    From Camilla Rees, ElectromagneticHealth.org

    November 2008

    Dear Friends,

    I am happy to announce the launch of a new E-book, Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution, co-authored by myself and Magda Havas, PhD. This 128-page document is chock full of valuable information and can be downloaded on the new EMF education website, ElectromagneticHealth.org. Please help me spread the word about these valuable health education resources!

    Over the past 18 months, I have learned much about this important emerging public health issue and am pleased to offer you a document where so many questions are answered. Getting up to speed on this issue will greatly support your health and that of your family. I highly encourage you to read it!

    In addition to the E-book, the new website, ElectromagneticHealth.org, offers you audio interviews with leading experts as well as the ability to watch the award-winning EMF documentary “Public Exposure”Ě, created by Libby Kelley, MA, Managing Secretariat of the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS). You also can Petition Congress on this site, Make Donations to support leading non-profits in this field and Find Out Where the Antennas Are in Your Neighborhood! There is also a section called Media Story Leads, that you will want to point out to your friends who are journalists.

    Come back often! ElectromagneticHealth.org will be refreshed regularly with new perspectives. We”ôll be interviewing additional scientists, doctors, lawyers, remediation experts and leaders from wisdom traditions on an ongoing basis. We”ôll cover specific topics, like EMF exposure and fertility, EMF and the behavioral health of children, EMF in the sleeping environments of pregnant women””and the connection between EMF exposure and many debilitating health challenges””such as cancers, neurological conditions, cardiovascular irregularities, metabolic disorders, hormone depletion, cellular/molecular effects, genetic damage, insomnia and much, much more. You will be shocked at how much science there is linking electromagnetic radiation to the health challenges of our times, and I hope you will agree with me this important information must get out!

    Most importantly, please tell your friends about the new E-book”” “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution!”Ě If each friend or acquaintance of mine tells only 50 people, and each recipient sends it on to 50 others, and so on, we will rapidly disseminate this crucial health safety information to families across America while creating necessary funding for ongoing EMF education and advocacy.

    I greatly appreciate your help! Together, I believe we can rapidly raise the profile of this important public health issue, while assuring greater electromagnetic safety for our communities. Humans in every home, bedroom, classroom and office deserve to live in electromagnetic health and safety, and wildlife deserve to live on this planet unimpeded, too. Let”ôs take a stand now for our communal health, together.

    Yours in good health,

    Camilla Rees
    Founder, ElectromagneticHealth.org &

    P.S.: Please note, IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE, E-book sales generated by your website can earn commissions for helping spread the word about this important topic. Sign up to link to ElectromagneticHealth.org through Click Bank. Thanks! https://www.clickbank.com/sell_products.html

    P.P.S: CAN YOU SUPPORT SENDING THE E-BOOK IN HARDCOPY TO THOUSANDS OF JOURNALISTS so they start to investigate and cover this topic more? Please email Camilla@electromagnetichealth.org. We are actively seeking donations.

    P.P.P.S.: ARE YOU A BLOGGER? Please help get the word about ElectromagneticHealth.org in the blogs!! Many, many thanks for any small steps you can take to raise awareness of this issue!

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