• 22 SEP 08
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    #951: Comments re. last message from Lloyd Morgan

    Dear Colleague,

    While terrifying, this news is not surprising. Even before cellphone induced tumors would have occurred, childhood brain tumors were the leading cause of cancer death in children.

    An on-going Israeli study of children whose scalp ring-worm was “cured” by ionizing radiation found a dramatic increase in brain tumors induced by the radiation “cure”. In 2005, the latest study was published. These former children have been followed for 40 years. Their risk of brain tumors is still increasing! And, the study clearly shows the younger the child when irradiated, the higher their risk.

    While I was at the RRT conference I learned in conversation with various attendees that children are sleeping with their cellphones beneath their pillows. The phones are in vibrate mode so their parents won’t hear it ring. Apparently, these children are so desperate to be contacted by their friends’ text messages that they are willing to wake up at 3 AM so they can immediately respond (responding by text messaging does not wake up their parents who are apparently oblivious of the sleep deprivation harm and ignorant of their dramatically increased risk of brain tumors with their children’s brain in close proximity to a radiating cellphone while they sleep).

    Best to all,

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