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    #912: UK conference on a precautionary approach for wireless technologies

    At the Royal Society
    Sept 2008

    The rapid growth rate of mobile phones, phone masts and wireless communication systems, alongside various reports of possible adverse effects on health, has caused increased concern around the world over the potential effect of electromagnetic pollution on health and the environment. It is clear than a new level of debate needs to take place between scientists, politicians, government regulators, the mass media and the general public in order to develop appropriate precautionary guidance. At present the technology is being increasingly used with almost no effective precautionary advice to the public and urgent guidance is needed in order to alert the public and especially our children.

    The UK Radiation Research Trust (RRT) are leading supporters of a reasoned precautionary approach to human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).. At present, a more precautionary approach to powerlines and electrical installations is being considered by the UK Government and others under the Stakeholder Advisory Group on ELF EMFs (SAGE). However, similar work is not yet being done for human exposure to modern wireless telecommunication signals, the exposure to which is growing rapidly. This international two-day conference is intended to provide a high-level forum to debate these issues.

    This is a crucial meeting which is mainly, but not exclusively, based around the microwave/mobile phone communications and health. It brings both sides of the debate together from the highest levels in the world. Sir William Stewart, Chairman for the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) has agreed to attend and open up the debate. The HPA are advisors to the UK Government. Many other senior advisors including those from the EU, WHO, ICNIRP, BioInititive Scientists, and SWI will be speaking and attending.

    The Radiation Research Trust look forward to welcoming our guests and will encourage scientists and others to share their knowledge and understanding to help search for areas of agreement in order to generate reasoned precautionary advice to encourage policy makers to make decisions both regarding appropriate advice for the present and identifying areas where more research is needed.

    The UK Charity the EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT). The Board of Trustees are Dr Ian Gibson Labour MP, Andrew Mitchell Conservative MP, Willie Rennie Lib Dem MP, Dr Caroline Lucas Green Party MEP, Dr Gerard Hyland, Eileen O”™Connor Mike Bell and Brian Stein.

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