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    #870: New book on problems with ground currents


    Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?

    Is electrical pollution slowly deteriorating the health of people across the country? It is a silent killer-invisible, odorless and tasteless-which makes it the perfect pollutant.

    That question is in the back of the mind of Russ Allen, a Wisconsin native and author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? Mr. Allen won a settlement against the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation over the issue of the effects of electrical pollution and its direct effect on his livestock and ultimately, the
    destruction of his eighty-year-old dairy business.

    The electric utilities are allowed to use the earth to return the high voltage current. In a distribution line all of the current going “out” the utilities line needs to return to their substation. In fact, their documents say that the utilities expect sixty percent of the return current to flow uncontrolled over the earth.

    On Mr. Allen’s dairy farm eighty percent of the return high voltage current was found to be flowing uncontrolled over the earth on its way back to the substation. This current can show up anywhere, in a dairy barn, residential home or athletic practice facility.

    “Living creatures-pets, farm animals and human beings-can be affected directly through anything that conducts electricity: metal, water or even flesh,” says Allen. “What makes it worse is that it can be flowing through your body without you knowing it. No shock is necessary.”

    “Fibromyalgia is one of the most common diseases associated with electrical pollution and who knows what else it may be causing,” says Allen. “There may be so many underlying diseases that have not yet been brought to the surface.”

    The following symptoms are a direct result of electrical pollution:

    Sleep dysfunction,
    Chronic fatigue,
    Muscle stiffness
    Joint pain
    Immune system impairment

    “Showers, swimming pools and hot tubs are some of the biggest conductors of electrical pollution,” says Allen, “and when football players spend a few hours a day in any of them, they are completely exposing themselves to the symptoms.”

    What people around the country do not realize is that this is not an epidemic only plaguing Wisconsin. Throughout the country-with the lone exception of California-courts have been flooded with electrical pollution cases.

    “This type of pollution may be affecting Americans on a daily basis,” says Allen. “And due to the nature of this pollutant most will never know until it is too late.”

    Mr. Allen is one of the heirs (second generation on) to the Allen Dairy Farm outside of Green Bay,
    Wisconsin, and a leader in the movement against the electrical pollution of animals.

    (Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? by Russ Allen; ISBN: 0977968502; $22.95;
    soft cover; 5� x 8�; 498 pages; GLENMORE BOOKS)


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    Editorial Reviews

    Everyone who uses a shower, hot tub or swimming pool, or even touches an outside water spigot, needs to read
    Russ Allen s book as it discloses the shocking truth about the North American electric distribution system. Even through the book details the slow death by electrocution of Mr. Allen s dairy cows by the local electric utility and the ensuing trial, what happened to Mr. Allen can happen to anyone. –Donald W. Zipse,
    P.E., electrical forensics engineer, IEEE Life Fellow

    Electrocution of America is a riveting story of how statistically flawed university research is being exploited to misrepresent the danger of low levels of electrical current affecting Wisconsin s dairy cows. This is not an isolated incident but an all too common occurrence on dairy farms across Wisconsin. This may be our canary in the coal mine for future problems in all areas with an overused compromised distribution system. –Doug Sutter, Agricultural Instructor

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