• 01 MAR 08
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    #866: Notice from EMR Australia

    The March issue of “EMR and Health” has now been published and is available from EMR Australia.

    This issue offers:
    * a concise summary of all the news, research and events relevant to EMR and health in the last three months;
    * findings of health problems near mobile phone base stations at one hundred thousandth of international standards;
    * a special feature on wiring methods to reduce exposure;
    * readers’ input on electrical sensitivity.

    For more information, contact Lyn on 02 9501 2665 or at contact@emraustralia.com.au.

    warm Lyn McLean

    EMR Australia PL
    PO Box 738
    Gymea NSW 2227
    61 2 9501 2665

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