• 17 DEC 07
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    #828:Electrohypersensitivity in the Netherlands: A questionnaire study

    From Dr. Hugo Schooneveld:

    Electrohypersensitivity in the Netherlands: A questionnaire study

    The Dutch EHS Foundation (Stichting EHS) has made a questionnaire study among 250 electrical hypersensitive persons over the years 2003-2007. In this report, attention is focussed on self-reported health problems, the most disturbing sources of EMF, medical help sought (and not found), and effects on quality of life. It is shown that there are wide individual variations in each of these items, and that provocation studies should pay more attention to this phenomenon of biological variation.

    The full text of the report in .pdf format can be downloaded free from: http://www.stichtingehs.nl/content/view/64/1/

    Dr. Hugo Schooneveld, Chairman EHS Foundation

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