• 13 AUG 07
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    #782: Professor Armstrong admits tests less than ideal at ABC Toowong

    The following was sent in by Donna Fisher who saw the program where Professor Armstrong, head of the ABC Toowong expert panel, was interviewed on August 7 . It is interesting that Dr. Armstrong mentions that there were measurements (obviously meaning ELF magnetic fields) on the equipment that they wanted to do. but due to the urgency of removing the people from the site they did not have time to do complete the job.

    What does Dr. Armstrong mean by suggesting that there was not enough time to complete the measurements? It took OVER TWO YEARS from when concerns were first raised by Jo-Anne Youngleson specifically about ELF/EMFs by her desk at the ABC building before Armstrong’s panel even got around to having ARPANSA do a few quickie measurements that neglected to try to determine the actual exposures the women may have received. Now the excuse is that there wasn’t enough time to do what they wanted to do! No wonder the women are frustrated with these antics!



    Dr. Armstrong was interviewed on the Australia programme ‘Nine’ on August 7 2007 and questioned on the ABC Toowong breast cancer cluster and the frustration of some of the women who felt the proper investigations were not carried out before all the equipment was taken out Professor Armstrong stated: “It is very important to do the investigations properly and indeed we did have a problem with the ABC with the fairly quick decision to remove people from the site, it did mean that some of the measurements we wanted to do were not complete and I do understand how the women feel in that respect, they don’t feel that it’s been done satisfactorily.”.

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