• 21 JUL 07
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    #769: Comments on low-intensity, chronic exposures & standards

    From Lloyd Morgan:

    Don & All,
    As we all know the existing “safe reference levels” or “guidelines” are based on an assumption that there are no non-thermal biological effects from RF EMFs. Further the ELF effects are based on standards that only provide protection against induced current flow in the body which is a non-thermal effect. Both are acute exposure situations. Below roughly 10-100 kHz the primary bio-effect is induced current flow and above that boundry thermal effects are predominant. When referring to both it is better to refer to them as “low-intensity, chronic exposures.”

    Both approaches are de-facto industry controlled safety (sic) levels.

    The lie that there are no low-intensity biological effects from EMFs is readily exposed when pulsed EMF therapy for bone fracture healing is discussed. There are millions of people whose bone fractures did not heal after the requisite time in a cast but did heal after pulsed EMF therapy. The science literature is thorough and extensive. This literature even understands the mechanism (i.e., pulsed EMFs stimulate bone cell growth). Even the particular pulsed EMF field is not some random result. The pulsed EMFs have been tuned to resonate with biological processes.

    Whenever possible this message should be provided to journalists (the few that are not shills for industry).

    Regards to all,
    Lloyd Morgan

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