• 01 JUL 07
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    #755: Comments on last message re: bird decline and EMR

    Following is an interesting comment from Dr. Gerd Oberfeld to –rjan Hallberg re: his paper with Alfonso Balmori mentioned in the previous message. Dr. Oberfeld has given permission for his comments to be posted to this list.


    Dear –ran,

    Thanks for the link! The abstract of your paper sounds very interesting and fits to observations done in Salzburg, when house sparrows and other birds vanished after the transmission of a new GSM base-station in a “house garden area” . After several years the base station was removed and the birds came back!


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
    Gerd Oberfeld MD

    Dr. med. Gerd Oberfeld
    Langmoosweg 26
    5023 Salzburg

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