• 26 JUN 07
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    #752: Comments on last message re: breast cancer

    From Jacques SURBECK commenting on last message on the Toowong breast cancer cluster::
    In Nov. 2002, we published a scientific paper showing that a CRT’s screen’s  PEMR pulsed
    electromagnetic radiation (from computers, TV, etc..) is breacking the human’s DNA
    exposed “in-vitro” during 24 hours… Since our publication (10th European Congress
    on Health-at-Work, Amsterdam  2002, none wish to accept to reproduce our experiment,
    nor to try to establish a “possible” relation  of PEMR with breast-cancer on crt’s users…
    ref. on our web-site :

    Jacques SURBECK, Research-Director / S.E.I.C.sa* РGen̬ve
    (*qualified ISO.9001/2000/TÜV-Suisse : research, dévelopment, production)
    3 rue du Léman, CH 1201  GENEVE, Suisse – tel 00,41,Ø22, 732 *5540 – fax *2534
    e-mail: suisse : surbeck@pingnet.ch – web-site :
    à Paris :< jacksurb@aol.com> & tel+fax+répondeur-enregistreur : <01 4342 5272>

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