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    #746: Notice from Microwave News

    From Louis Slesin, Editor of Microwave news:

    It’s become axiomatic that wide acceptance of non-thermal effects will come from developing biomedical therapies rather than from studying potential hazards. The health effects work is mostly sponsored by those who don’t want to find any. And they usually don’t (cf: the USAF, EPRI, CTIA, FGF, MMF etc.) So no one should be surprised that the latest advance comes from a small high-tech Israeli company, NovoCure, which is looking for innovative ways to treat cancer. It’s a breakthrough –most likely a major

    NovoCure uses weak 100-200 kHz electric fields –the company calls them tumor treating fields or TTFields– to stunt the growth of cancer cells, either by slowing down their proliferation or by killing them off entirely. The company has now demonstrated this in four different cancer cell lines. Even more impressive is that tumor growth has been curtailed in mice, rats and, in a small pilot project, ten human patients with recurrent brain tumors (glioblastoma).
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