• 29 MAY 07
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    #735:Praise for the Panorama Wi-Fi program – and a warning for the future

    From Andrew Goldsworthy:

    Dear All,

    I have just received an acknowledgement from the BBC about my praise for the Panorama programme. Just for the record, I am pasting in my original message to them: –

    {Programme Name:} Panorama
    {Transmission Date:}21 – 05 – 07

    Congratulations to the Panorama team and the BBC on their excellent programme showing the dangers of Wi-Fi. The government and the Health Protection Agency have been hushing up the dangers of mobile phones and (by implication) Wi-Fi for too long. I am a university lecturer and have access to the many papers in scientific journals that speak of the dangers of DNA fragmentation and the effects on fertility. The government wants to deny that these dangers exist and the HPA pretends that the research that already proves the dangers of mobile phones has not been done. This is presumably because of the billions of pounds that the government receives from the mobile phone industry in tax and licence fees. There must have been a lot of pressure on the BBC to keep quiet about it too. Congratulations to the Panorama team for spilling the beans; it takes guts to stand up to that sort of pressure but it needs to be done. The pain of the electrosensitives is only the tip of the iceberg. !

    The real danger is from the DNA fragmentation that has been seen in living cells growing in tissue culture in many laboratories worldwide. This has already had an effect on fertility and threatens the genetic
    well-being of all future generations. With getting on for two billion mobile phones in existence, there is a real threat to the integrity of the whole human genome. What has taken millions of years to evolve could
    be destroyed in just a few generations. Congratulations again to Panorama for telling us the truth, even though most people would rather not know.

    Best wishes

    Andrew Goldsworthy

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