• 26 APR 07
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    #716: Observations on Wi-FI / DECT cumulative effects and research priorities

    From Robert Thinker:
    In regards to DECT and WiFi, and what I have observed in my son with his sensitivity are;

    1) Cumulative effects relating to duration of exposure during specific times of the day. For example he seems fine with having a few hours at school being exposed not showing any major symptoms. However what are the long term ramifications of this? Will be build up intolerance it continuously exposed?

    2) Limited, high density exposure – this can give BOTH of my kids nose bleeds. For example if they walk in close proximity of our citywide WiFi antennas – even without noticing, they can get nose bleeds, headaches, and other medical conditions. As we increase distance from the device, or reduce signal power, their symptoms clear up.

    We’ve already demonstrated that subjecting my son to regular, cumulative exposure to WiFi in the household will result in a degrading medical condition and increasing symptoms over a period beginning after a day or two. I believe that exposure during sleep hours aggravates this issue greatly and speeds up the cumulative process to mere days.

    Any study should not quickly discount health dangers by simply testing limited high density exposure, and must factor the longer term cumulative effects of the systems on people. Some people likely would not react at all to high density limited duration exposure, but when combined with longer term cumulative exposure during sleep hours this would manifest itself with symptoms in most people I feel.


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