• 09 APR 07
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    #695: Swedish publication “No Risk in the IT environment now online

    A scanned copy of the 35 page “No Risk in the IT environment” (English version) report produced by the Swedish Union of Clerical and Technical Employees in Indusrty (SIF) is now available on line at Turboupload.com. The link at at:

    < http://d.turboupload.com/d/1695235/Noll_Risk.zip.html> You will need to follow the instructions to access the file.
    It should take approx 12 minutes to download. I will be placing other Swedish scanned SIF English language documents on-line shortly.

    Headings from the No Risk document:

    * The IT society is creating new and serious risks to health
    * New technology provides new possibilities but also new problems
    * What does NO RISK mean in the IT environment?
    * Why is NO RISK needed in the IT environment?
    * It’s the invisible health risks that are causing problems nowadays!
    * An electrostatically charged speck of dust can contain all this
    * Today’s electrical power supply units generate high frequencies which increase the risks*
    Our most commonly used strip lighting gives out large amounts of unnecessary emissions and radiation
    * Good equipment is already on the way to presenting a NO RISK environment
    * How dangerous are our mobile and cordless telephones?
    * Stress often lies behind the most common reasons for sickness absence
    * Is NO RISK possible or just plain ridiculous?
    * High environmental demands favour exports
    * It’s a matter of prevention, prevention and even more prevention!
    * The needs of our members started the build-up of knowledge and gave birth to the idea of NO RISK in the IT envoronment
    *The NO RISK project paves the way to ensuring that obvious heslth risks shall not be present in the future office environment

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