• 04 APR 07
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    #691: RE: Post #687: Insider comments re: ABC Toowong

    From Lachlan Mudge:

    If possible, please send my thanks to the person responsible for this
    submission (#687). It’s great to hear from someone with a sound knowledge base
    saying the types of things we’ve all been thinking about and suspecting
    for years.

    I would personally be willing to put a few hundred bucks towards the
    performance of a full independent electromagnetic assessment of a
    similar site, assuming one exists, using a calibrated spectrum analyzer,
    electric/magnetic field meters for DC to low frequency and anything else
    people feel might be necessary. I’m not sure if this interests you or
    any of your colleagues, though I imagine there’d be a few similarly
    employed people with an interest if we could locate them. I would think
    that if a few other people came to the party with some dollars, then it
    seems possible that a group could be put together to do this and get
    some real results. Furthermore, future work with similar specifications
    could also be performed in the same way (though properly funded) with
    further potential learning (and possibly even OHS&W) outcomes. Any
    information gained could be used to publish scientific papers, with
    associated academic benefits ($ and knowledge).

    I have a colleague here in SA with a calibrated spectrum analyzer who
    could be funded to take his equipment on the road and do a component of
    this sort of assessment, assuming a suitable site could be found in SA.
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, his lab lacks the other equipment
    required, though I assume we could find other people with this type of
    capability, therefore it seems possible to me that a group could be
    gathered together to do something like this.

    If so, I would definitely encourage the involvement of unions in an EM
    survey of a similar site, because as was apparently the case with
    Toowong, the involvement of management could interfere and be
    detrimental rather than beneficial. Please let me know if you think
    this could be achieved, given any resources you know are available to
    you. If this is just a pipe dream, then please feel free to disregard
    the message.

    All the best

    Lachlan Mudge

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