• 13 MAR 07
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    #671: Greens Senator Bob Brown’s Senate questions on Toowong

    Australian Senate

    Thursday 1 st March 2007

    Question on Notice

    Question on notice to the Minister for Health

    Regarding the breast cancer cluster which led to the evacuation of the ABC studios in Toowong, Queensland:

    1) what causal role did extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields have?

    2) has ELF been eliminated as a cause or contributory factor and, if so, on what grounds?

    3) what, exactly, were the ELF levels measured in the studios, and how much higher than background ELF were the levels?

    4) when were those measurements taken, exactly where and by whom?

    5) What are the ELF levels to be expected in a media studio?

    6) do ELF levels affect melatonin production and, if so, how, and how might this relate to breast cancer?

    Senator Bob Brown.

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