• 11 MAR 07
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    #669:The March issue of “EMR and Health”

    From Lyn McLean, EMR Australia:

    “The March issue of “EMR and Health” is now available and contains the latest news, research studies and articles about electromagnetic radiation and its impacts.

    This issue contains information about
    * mobile phones and the brain tumour link
    * genetic effects found from electromagnetic fields
    * a move towards energy efficient lighting and its impacts for exposure
    * the latest research summaries
    * mobile phones and children
    * the mobile phone habit – addictive behaviours
    * mobile phones and driving – what the latest research says
    * mobile phones and personality
    * electrohypersensitivity – what research has found about this modern syndrome
    * impacts of wireless technologies and more.

    You can order your copy at www.emraustralia.com.au or by phoning 02 9501 2665.

    Lyn McLean
    EMR Australia
    PO Box 738
    Gymea NSW 2227
    61 2 9501 2665

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