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    #666: Recommendations for low-EMF indoor environments

    From Katharina Gustavs:
    The German Association of Building Biology Professionals (www.baubiologie.net) in cooperation with the Public Health Office of Salzburg, Austria, (www.salzburg.gv.at/themen/gs/gesundheit/umweltmedizin.htm) publishes recommendations for low-EMF indoor environments. The English translation just became available online at http://www.baubiologie.net/docs/elektrosmog-gebaeudecheckliste_en.pdf

    In German-speaking countries many everyday electric devices (e.g. shielded lamps, shielded extension cords, phone receivers based on piezo technology) are commercially available shielded. Here in North America we sometimes have to be a bit more creative. I assume in Australia it may be more like in North America.

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