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    #655: Technological disease (From Gerald Goldberg)

    Increase in Autism incidence, tentative association with other environmental variables based on demographics.

    Recently there has been a new science looking at the demographics of disease incidence based on comparing them to the rise or introduction of new technologies. One such variable that has been analyzed is electromagnetic radiation generated by artificial sources. Biological systems have evolved over long periods of time and have adapted to using basic signaling mechanisms as the foundation of adaptive, interpretative and integrative behaviors. Electromagnetic signaling as a technology is a relatively new phenomenon which has been introduced and is being used globally. The signaling has the potential ability to interfere with the preexistent mechanisms of cell signaling and integration which have evolved over billions of years. However the biological and long term effects of prolonged low level electromagnetic exposure to certain frequency ranges is poorly understood. There are multiple studies which have shown the profound effects of electromagnetic radiation as contributing to the generation of free radicals, damping down oxidative metabolism in cells, and producing DNA damage along with immune suppression and an increased range of hyperplastic and neoplastic transformations. Emf has been shown to affect brain function either through a direct effect of cell signaling or a secondary effect of disrupting circulation in the nervous system or the integrity of the blood brain barrier. The end result of these disruptive changes in cell signaling and integration is the production of various states of dysfunctionality of nervous system integration resulting in a plethora of illnesses characterized by, behavioral, motor or sensory abnormalities.

    In Sweden impairment secondary to electromagnetic radiation is a recognized disease producing entity. The Swedish system recognizes the impairment and duly supports impaired individuals under their disability act.

    In the last 10 to 15 years there has been a dramatic increase in the incidence of disease beyond what can be logically inferred from genetic causes or reproduction. Of note is the incidence and rise of autism. The incidence of autism has risen from approximately from 4/10,000 ten years ago to approximately 1:166. There are many theories associated with the rise in autism are associated with the idea of pollutants affecting the nervous system.

    Recently we had reviewed the raw data of the incident rise in the rate of autistic disorder in all states of the union. The data looked at the relative rate of change from 1992 to 1993 and compared it to the 1999-2000; a seven year span of time. The survey was used to gauge the need for services for these severely impaired individuals. Contained within the data was an alarming trend. Of note, there is a definite overall increase from a geographic standpoint based on the data. The data shows that Illinois is the epicenter with an increase of 48,600%. What is interesting is there seems to be an east to west peak from the epicenter which has a node of about 500 to 750 miles. Specifically the distribution does not appear to extend centripetally in a perfectly circular manner but seems to follow an east to west distribution with Illinois in the center. In an westerly direction if you note the data, Nebraska(7,125%), Nevada(5360%) and Oregon (5895%) on the west coast and on the East coast Ohio(7,055%), Maryland (5,439%). Even though there is an overall increase the markedly different changes in these states suggest that some other vector is operating. The distribution suggests a pulsed beam with a node or wavelength of approximately 500-750, miles This would correlate with extra long frequency radiation.. The pattern seems to suggest some other secondary phenomena in operation. The pattern is not uniform and concentric from the epicenter. The increase is not uniform which is what one would expect from vaccinations, toxins or pollutants, pesticides or other containments which would seem to a have a more uniform rate of change and a more graduated and uniform pattern of incidence increase. This is not to discount the currently held models of the disease but instead points to another variable which may be impacting these individuals. This matter deserves further study and clarification. What is alarming about these statistics is that the disease does not seem to be abating and instead the incidence is increasing at an exponential rate. This is remarkable for an illness that is presumed to have a genetic basis, i.e. though unproven..


    Gerald Goldberg, MD

    Author: “Would you put your head in a microwave oven”

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