• 19 FEB 07
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    #651:News Flash: Toowong ABC expert panel head refuses to release ELF report

    This morning I rang the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) about when their Toowong ABC extremely low frequency (ELF) report would be available. The reply was that it was sent to the ABC’s expert panel head, Dr. Bruce Armstrong the previous week and to contact him for a copy.

    I immediately rang Dr. Armstrong and asked when the ARPANSA ELF report would be available. He said that it would be after the committee published its final findings. I requested a copy with the reason that it would be advisable for others to be able to see, and comment, on the ARPANSA report before it was incorporated into the expert panel’s final findings. My request was refused and Dr. Armstrong stated that they were not interested in any further input.

    So,whatever ARPANSA says in their report will be uncritically accepted by Armstrong and his rubber stamp committee and no alternative input will be allowed. The ABC will then ensure that the expert panel’s findings will have maximum media coverage. After that event any concerns about the report will come too late.

    Stay tuned…..


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