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    #646: Keeping the heat on the Toowong ‘cover-up’?

    ‘Sylvie’ sent in the following old news article on Toowong from way back in August of last year that is very telling. Note where it states: “In a new turn of events, electromagnetic tests will now be conducted that can detect extremely low radiation levels”. Considering the urgency of the investigation it still took ARPANSA four months to get its act together to finally visit the site in December 2006. More amazing still is that ARPANSA still has not released what it found a whole 6 months after being asked to do the job. There is no justification for such a lenghtly delay other than perhaps finding a few “inconvenient truths” for ABC.



    ABC television studios new low radiation levels cancer
    probe by Jennifer Davis

    Published 07/29/2006 in Breast Cancer , Daily news ,
    Environment , Television | Unrated

    Queensland federal MP Kevin Rudd said in an interview that he has visited ABC studios in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. In comparison to these state-of-the-art studios, all built within the last ten years, he said the Toowong studios look like a Bombay slum.

    The Toowong studios is where ABC journalists walked out in protest over the high rate of breast cancer diagnosis the staff has fallen victim to in the last 11 years. As we told you earlier, as many as 12 women have been diagnosed with breast cancer, seven of whom work in the same office. The health officials investigated and would not make a determination that indeed the Toowong studios fit the cancer cluster profile, and ABC management has been standing by independent surveys showing there is no link between the incidence of breast cancer and the workplace.

    In a new turn of events, electromagnetic tests will now be conducted that can detect extremely low radiation levels. In the meantime, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance union still wants the offices and staff relocated and does not feel anyone should be forced to return to work at the present Toowong studios location.

    Given the circumstances, how difficult would it be to move a news staff that is seasoned in setting up almost anywhere when doing the news. Seems if you were looking for a group who could break things down quickly and set them back up just as quickly, this is the group you would want for the job.

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