• 09 FEB 07
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    #645: Toowong – Still no hard data from ARPANSA

    The below is apparently all the expert committee have received to date from ARPANSA in relation to their December ELF survey of the Toowong ABC studios. No mention is made of the all important measurements at the workstations of the women with cancer. Spot measurements taken at “various locations” is so vague as to be meaningless. Could have been taken in the male toilets for all we know. Did the three staff members who wore meters duplicate the work locations of any of the women with breast cancer or spend their four hours in other areas of the building?

    If this is the best ARPANSA can come up after almost a month I think the trade union representing the affected women had better call for an independent attempt at a replication of whatever findings ARPANSA comes up with in the fullness of their time. After all, ARPANSA talks about the importance of replication in scientific research so they should have no qualms about having other people in to do a replication study, check over their methodology and look for deficiencies in their method. That is simply good science.


    “While reporting of Mr Karipidis observations is not yet complete, he has given the following information: “Spot measurements were made at numerous locations on the ground and first floors of the TV building.
    The average magnetic field level was about 1 milliGauss (mG). Personal exposure measurements were also done by measuring the magnetic field exposure of three staff members (one each from the ground and first floor of the TV building and one from the radio building) for 4 hours. The time-weighted average exposures were 0.3 and 0.6 mG for the volunteers from the ground and first floor of the TV building respectively and 2 mG for the volunteer from the radio building. In general these measurements indicate that the levels are lower than what is usually encountered in a normal office environment”.”

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