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    #587: Microwave News on Mike Repacholi as Industry Consultant

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    #587: Microwave News on Mike Repacholi as Industry Consultant

    From Microwave News:

    Dear Colleagues:

    It’s now official. Just months after leaving his post as the head of the EMF project at the World Health Organization (WHO), Mike Repacholi is in business as an industry consultant.

    The Connecticut Light and Power Co. (CL&P), a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities, and the United Illuminating Co. (UI) have hired Repacholi to help steer the Connecticut Siting Council away from a strict EMF exposure standard. The two utilities commissioned Repacholi to prepare detailed comments to support a 100 mG level proposed by Peter Valberg of the Gradient Corp. and to rebut the state Department of Public Health (DPH), which is seeking a much tougher approach.

    Repacholi’s filing has been criticized for citing and at times, misrepresenting, as-yet unreleased WHO reports for the benefit of his corporate clients. Some see this as a continuation of his activities at the
    WHO, where Repacholi was often accused of favoring the mobile phone and electric utility industries at the expense of public health.

    Others see Repacholi’s consulting work as the closing of a circle. Industry provided financial support for the EMF project and Repacholi is now using the materials he prepared at the WHO with industry money to support their policy positions.

    In addition, new information has emerged indicating that the WHO EMF project has been receiving much more industry support than previously acknowledged.

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