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    #584: Exit independent EMF research

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    #584: Exit independent EMF research

    From Sianette Kwee:

    The recent EMF meeting in Crete,
    [ http://imm.demokritos.gr/bioeffects ] was the 4th in a series of meetings on Biological Effects of EMF, taking place every second year in a Greek island. Despite its success these meetings will now be discontinued. These meetings were one of the few of its kind where it was possible to present results that show biological and negative health effects due to EMF. Apparently the organizers have been under great pressure to change this, but in stead of they have decided to stop organizing these meetings. At the last meeting the industrial and WHO stoodges claimed loudly that many of the contributions were of low-quality and should not have been accepted or in other words negative effects of EMF should not be presented. These people were present in the audience at almost every presentation that mentioned biological or negative health effects of EMF. During the discussion they were always the first to ctiticize the work as being bad science, incorrect results, never been duplicated etc. Now Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and Malta are eager to organize these meetings, but nothing was mentioned about their political message.

    Sianette Kwee

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