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    #569: Canadian election candidate runs on EMF issue

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    #569: Canadian election candidate runs on EMF issue

    From Martin Weatherall :

    Candidate for Mayor,
    Blandford-Blenheim Township,
    Oxford County, Ontario.

    My election platform is based on one main subject “” severe electrical pollution of our environment. This is the most important and potentially deadly subject that you will be asked to consider in this election. You will need to conduct some basic research to understand the dangers that we are all facing, but the incentive for doing this is the health and safety of your family. To assist you in finding the relevant information, I have provided Internet addresses throughout this brochure. Your previous awareness of this problem has been limited because of incompetence, negligence and possibly corruption in various federal and provincial government departments. They have failed to warn you of the dangers and they are failing to ensure your safety today.

    “I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth”s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” (Interview with Linda Moulton Howe, May 2000) Stated by Robert Becker, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon and pioneering researcher in the field of biological electricity and regeneration. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. Author of The Body Electric (William Morrow & Co 1987) and Cross Currents (Tarcher/Putnam, 1990).

    The problem. Oxford County (as well as most populated areas of the world) has become extremely polluted with Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). In addition, Oxford County and most of North America has a very serious pollution problem known as Ground Current Electricity. If you were able to visualize the electrical pollution of our beautiful countryside, you would be shocked. You would see a virtual sewer of flowing electricity and piercing electromagnetic radiation. These pollutants can be detected only with specialized expensive instruments, such as gauss meters, radio frequency meters and oscilloscopes, yet the pollution surrounds us all the time. This is electrical energy, it travels around our bodies and some energy is absorbed internally. The absorbed energy causes various adverse effects to our health and well being. Many of you will know of farms that have been affected by ground current electricity or EMR. You may know of cows that produce only a fraction of their normal milk, produce deformed or dead calves and suffer other strange illnesses. You may know of pigs dying unexpectedly, horses that cannot breed and farm families suffering severe health effects. The harm that this electrical sewage is causing has been well researched by many independent scientists and researchers, and clear evidence shows that it causing serious health problems, diseases and death (see www.emrnetwork.org ).

    How Dangerous? Electrical pollution is likely to significantly eclipse the known harm from tobacco use, but it will not affect “just smokers”. Human and animal life is being exposed to the same danger, through varying levels of radiation. Even Innuit natives of the Arctic have reported unpleasant symptoms when their community had a WiFi system installed recently. The very young and the very old are the most vulnerable. You may have noticed the increase in childhood leukemia, other cancers, autism, allergies and learning disabilities; these horrifying effects on children have all increased as electrical pollution has increased. The adult population has also seen great increases in the amount of breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, sleep disorders, headaches, etc. Electrical pollution has been linked to all these illnesses and many more. You cannot be the equivalent of a “non smoker” with electrical pollution, everyone is being exposed and there is no place to hide.

    How you are affected. Although you cannot see or usually feel this pollution, you are always being affected by it. The exposure is continually growing with intensity as more wireless technologies are developed and implemented. Electro Magnetic Radiation is caused by broadcasting antennas, cell phone masts (see www.mastsanity.org ), cell phones, wireless phones (see www.microwavenews.com ), transformers, electrical devices, the electrical distribution system (see www.powerwatch.org.uk ) and the household wiring in your home. Ground current electricity is caused by the electrical utility company (Hydro One) being able to deliver electricity to your home on their transmission wires, but because of high frequency pollution, they are not able to return all the neutral electricity on their wiring (see www.strayvoltage.org ). To save the cost and work of upgrading the transmission wiring, the utilities use the ground as a return path. This voltage now contains dangerous high frequency pollution that flows across your properties, through your homes and affects humans and animals (see www.electricalpollution.com ).

    Do not underestimate the harm caused by this electromagnetic radiation. Important research and information is being ignored and hidden from you by governments, corporations and companies with financial interests in the wireless and the power industries. They are producing false and misleading information to the public. Government involvement in this situation is the most troubling. They should be warning the public and implementing safe standards, but their standards are based simply on the heating affect on skin and not on what is truly safe for humans. Government participation in this misinformation is so improper and outrageous that it appears that there are officials in the Federal Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of the Environment who may be guilty of criminal negligence or corruption. Ontario government ministries have also failed to protect our safety.

    As a retired police officer, I do not make these accusations lightly. I have spent the last two years investigating the cause of my cancer and other illnesses. I have collected a large amount of research information and have been in touch with experts and victims from all around the world. There is clear evidence that electromagnetic radiation is causing widespread illness, including cancer, throughout the world. Most of my career with Toronto police was spent investigating the most serious crimes, including dozens of homicides. The discoveries that I have made since my retirement make all that previous criminal investigation seem minor in comparison. There is significant evidence that the population of Canada is being seriously harmed by exposure to dangerous levels of EMR.

    The scale of this ongoing disaster. If independent scientists, concerned environmentalists, and victims are correct, the amount of death and illness being caused to innocent citizens by EMR will make the 9-11 World Trade Center terrorist attack look like an insignificant event. Bin Laden would be proud of the pain and suffering that unscrupulous government officials and the wireless industry are inflicting on innocent citizens! It is difficult to comprehend that this harm is happening, while our government (and others) allows it to get worse. This is not an epic disaster that will get your attention on TV, it will be played out in hospitals, cancer wards and the homes of good honest citizens. The failure to safeguard citizens and the environment, while providing false and misleading information, is criminal.

    Toronto. Toronto already has thousands of cell phone antennas in place around the city. Recently, the mayor of Toronto applauded and encouraged plans to make downtown Toronto a WiFi wireless zone. The mayor”s ignorance of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation is putting all Toronto citizens in great danger. He would be well advised to study scientific research into the dangers of EMR and consult with the members of Toronto Health Department who, a few years ago, suggested lowering the power of Toronto antenna emissions by a factor of one hundred times. The plan was never implemented, but the Toronto medical officer of health at that time was promoted to a top health job with the Ontario government and now says little about electromagnetic radiation.

    Electro Hypersensitivity. It took me many months to discover that I suffer from a condition known as electro hypersensitivity (EHS) (see www.feb.se ). Victims of EHS can feel and suffer the unpleasant effects of electromagnetic radiation from many different sources of transmission. This condition can be life threatening and debilitating. You and your family probably do not feel the effects of EMR, but that does not mean that you are not being affected. The effects are accumulative; you may not realize the harmful effects of EMR exposure for many years. By that time, you may already have developed a serious medical condition such as cancer, arthritis, acute fatigue syndrome, seizures, heart problems, fibro-myalgia, depression, sleep disorders, impotence, miscarriage, allergies, melanoma, Alzheimer”s disease or a host of other illnesses that are related to EMR.

    You may soon be disabled by EMR. A recently published paper has predicted that by the year 2017, as many as fifty percent of the population may suffer from EHS (see www.electrosensitivity.org.uk ). Many of those will be extreme cases, making normal living almost impossible. Try to imagine yourself not being able to watch television or to use a computer, not being able to go into a town or city, not able to live in your own home, not able to drive and having to move to a very remote location. This is not science fiction – this is already happening, and more persons will experience these terrible effects as their exposure builds and their immune system is compromised. Please do not simply take my word or dismiss my claims about these very serious problems, read the research. Electrical pollution affects you, your family, your friends and your neighbours. I own an oscilloscope; I can show electrical voltage and high frequencies travelling over your body. These are pollutants that your body was never made to endure.

    Greatly increased accident figures have been linked to cell phone use. Electromagnetic radiation is probably a causal factor with bad driving and road rage incidents. EMR has definite links to mental depression. I strongly suspect that EMR is a factor in many situations involving strange and unpredictable human behavior such as the recent Montreal College shooting. Strange behavior has been witnessed with many different animals and birds that have been exposed to EMR.

    Oxford County. The county is seriously affected by large transmission antennas inside and outside its boundaries. Highway 401, which runs though Blandford-Blenheim, could be described as “Microwave Alley” because there are antennas transmitting electromagnetic radiation every few kilometers. The emissions cause harm to motorists and people living close to the antennas every day. Woodstock is surrounded by antennas: to the west is a hill that houses several different types, to the south is a very tall antenna, to the east is a cell phone tower and to the north is a cell phone tower. On top of a downtown apartment building, there are three cell phone antennas. The most recent antenna was installed just a few weeks ago. It is a large white mast antenna that looks like an extra wide flagpole. It is located just off the main shopping street, near to the cinemas. Much research and evidence indicate that those who live and work near this new mast now face serious dangers from EMR exposure.

    These are known facts “”
    ∑ People living closest to antenna and cell phone masts are more likely to develop cancer.
    ∑ People living closest to transformers are more likely to develop cancer.
    ∑ Children living closest to high power electrical power transmission lines are more likely to develop leukemia.
    ∑ People suffer serous health problems when exposed to high frequency dirty electricity.
    ∑ People using cell phones and cordless telephones have a greatly increased risk of brain cancer.
    ∑ Electrical utility workers are more likely to develop cancer, depression and high rates of suicide because of their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
    ∑ Lookout Mountain, Colorado “” researchers discovered changes to blood cells and immune systems from antenna generated EMR.
    ∑ Melbourne Australia “” several rare brain cancers in a building with cell phone antenna on roof.
    ∑ Radio Frequency “” research shows that exposure causes breaks in DNA.
    ∑ Naila, Germany “” Three-fold cancer increase within 400 metres of cell phone transmitter.
    ∑ Kaplan Israel “” Fourfold increase of cancer within 350 metres of antenna.
    ∑ Bamberg Germany “” long term radiation exposure from pulsed high frequency magnetic fields caused – sleep disturbances, tiredness, poor concentration, forgetfulness, problems finding words, depression, ear noises, sudden loss of hearing, giddiness, nose bleeds, visual disturbances, frequent infections, sinusitis, joint and limb pains, nerve and soft tissue pains, feeling of numbness, heart rhythm disturbances, increased blood pressure episodes, hormonal disturbances, night time sweats, nausea.
    ∑ Hamilton Ontario “” 72 employees working in one office building developed cancer, several have died.

    Why I am a candidate. You may wonder why I have put my reputation at stake with this difficult subject during a municipal election campaign. The answer is simple: I spent most of my working life trying to help others and trying to make our society safer, but since my retirement I have discovered significant dangers to the lives of a great many Canadians. I cannot ignore what I have discovered. I have tried to get action from several government ministries, Hydro One, Members of Parliament, and Members of Provincial Parliament without success. My campaign will bring these serious dangers to the attention of the public. With your support and election as mayor, I will be in a much better position to push for positive changes that will make us all safer.

    If elected. I will undertake my civic duties with all due care. I will also pursue the following actions:
    ∑ Demand a public inquiry to discover why federal health, environmental, energy and industry ministries have been ignoring research and evidence that clearly shows the dangers of EMR and ground current electricity.
    ∑ Demand that all antenna transmission powers be immediately lowered until safe limits are established.
    ∑ Seek alternatives to wireless transmissions, which can instead be made by safe wired technology.
    ∑ Ensure that all property losses caused by EMR emissions be fully compensated by the offender.
    ∑ Ensure that any harm caused by EMR transmission is investigated and resolved for public safety.
    ∑ Implement a public hearing for any new antenna – they must be safe and insured against all harms.
    ∑ Require that health authorities educate the public about the dangers from electromagnetic radiation.
    ∑ Require Hydro One to stop polluting Oxford County with ground current electricity and, where it has already been identified as a problem, correct it immediately.

    My abilities. I have many abilities to offer the citizens of Blandford-Blenheim. I have considerable work experience from seven years service with the British Royal Navy, two years experience as a newspaper photographer and twenty-eight years as a police officer in Toronto. During my police service, seventeen years were spent as a Forensic Identification Crime Scene Investigator and nearly six years as the Director of Legal Services for the Toronto Police Association. During that time, I gained considerable experience with conflict and emergency problems, investigation and problem solving, labour and legal issues. Since retiring, I have investigated and collected considerable research and evidence about electrical pollution. I have also assisted several victims who have been seriously harmed by electrical pollution. I am one of the founding directors of a Canadian charitable organization named SWEEP: Safe Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Policies. I am able to lead and make difficult decisions. I am very adaptable and willing to accept sound advice.

    To my knowledge, electrical pollution has not been a major issue in previous political campaigns. Your decision on voting day, Nov. 13 2006, could put Blandford-Blenheim at the forefront of a major world environmental issue. You could show the Federal government that it is time for them to react responsibly and positively against electrical pollution. Please vote for MARTIN WEATHERALL.

    I hope to speak directly with many constituents, but I also encourage you to contact me by telephone at 519 463 6251 or by E-mail at weather@golden.net. Upon your E-mail request, I will send you an electronic version of this brochure with live Internet links and an assortment of important EMR research documents.

    Other good sources of information about electromagnetic radiation “” www.mastvictims.org www.tetrawatch.net www.powerlinefacts.com www.travhol.com www.emfacts.com www.stop-emf.ca www.stetzerelectric.com www.emfinterface.com www.c-a-r-e.org www.cellulartower.com
    www.mikeholt.com www.bio-ag.com www.buergerwelle.de www.emr.co.nz http://home.comcast.net/~es_info www.emraustralia.com.au www.emfservices.com www.icems.eu www.electrical-fields.brs.ac.uk www.hir.nu/Publications.htm www.getpurepower.ca www.lifeenergies.com www.sageassociates.net www.rfsafe.com www.cleanenergycanada.com
    www.safewireless.org www.shieldus.com http://elettrosmogvolturino.index.html www.enviratest.com www.mastaction.co.uk www.w-a-r-t.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk www.emrpolicy.org www.sauvonsleon.fr http://blakelevitt.com www.reach.net www.nomasts.org.uk www.next-up.org www.scram.uk.com www.stopumts.nl/english.php
    www.lessemf.com www.iddd.de

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