• 30 SEP 06
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    #560: Question on hospital substation & cancer

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    #560: Question on hospital substation & cancer

    Robert Reidlinger sends in the following question for the list. I have send him my thoughts on the matter, as well as mentioning a current situation at a hospital in Australia that will be the topic of the next message on this list.


    Over to Robert….

    “I am working on finding the problem at our local hospital where 32 cancer cases have been found over the passed 10 or so years. I have found that the high voltage powerline runs into the building in the area where most of the cancer was found.I have recieved from The BC Transmission Corp,the voltage that is being stepped down inside the building (25 Kv.)Can you or your mail list help me establish the mili Gauss reading that would exspect to find at 10 feet from 25Kv voltage powerline and or transformers?”

    Best regards Robert

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