• 29 SEP 06
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    #559: Direct action against cell tower in Israel

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    From Eileen O’Connor:

    200 people destroyed a cellular antenna

    Israel- On the 28.9.06 , 200 people from the neighbourhood Neve Horesh, in Dimona, decided to take their health and the law into their hands and destroyed a cellular antenna. Two weeks ago they found out that one of the villas owners in the area installed cellular antenna on the roof for $1200 a month, they asked him to remove it, because it risked them and their children. Their next step was to ask the city engineer to order to destroy it. The cellular company applied to court and claimed it had all the necessary approvals.On the 27.9.06, 200 people arrived to the house and
    destroyed the celullar antenna, the owner of the villa and his family saw the people and ran away and the residents destroyed
    the technical equipment that was used to operate the antenna.
    “We didn’t care that the police would arrest us”, told Nissim Ben Yakar, one of the residents. “It was about our children lives. The villa owner’s luck was that the angry residents didn’t burn his house, because the rage against him was very big”. Maariv 29.9.06 by Shimon Ifargan.
    (Translation by Iris Atzmon)

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