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    #542: Telco boss says not in my backyard!

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    #542: Telco boss says not in my backyard!

    From Sianette Kwee:

    Prof. J. Bach Andersen from Aalborg University was the chief adviser for the Danish government when they sold the 3G licences. At the same time he had been working for years for several phone companies (Siemens, TDC etc.) In the experts” report he wrote that 3G radiation is completely harmless. During all the years he persisted that there was no scientific proof that EMF had any health effects, and certainly 3G was the most harmless. Particularly he made fun of all those who said that masts are dangerous and of scientists who got positive results on RF”s biological effects. Therefore he was also put in charge of the administration of the projects financed by the white-washing money given to the experts who wrote the report.
    It now happens that the site of one of TDC’s, (the Danish phonecompany) 3G masts in Aalborg is near a school and kindergarten and also quite near Bach Andersen’s home. The parents and residents arranged a protest meeting and not only the press was there, but also Bach Andersen. In the interview he said to the journalist that though there was still no proof and sufficient research that there were any health effects from masts, one has to apply the Precautionary principle. So in this case the concerns of the residents should be taken seriously. Of course this had nothing to do with the fact that his house was so close to the planned mast! The journalist never asked him why this change of mind on the health effects of RF.

    Sianette Kwee
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