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    The joys of living under roof top antennas

    Testimonial of Dalan MCaren 22 Jan 2000

    From Robert Reidlinger

    In September of 98,I moved into a 21-storey government subsidized building for seniors. The apartment that was my placement is on the 20th floor. I immediately began experiencing symptoms of a dizzy-off -balanced feeling, headaches which were constant, sever insomnia, profuse nosebleeds, sweating and a feeling like I was cooking, I wasn’t able to concentrate, I would often find myself throughout the day feeling “out-of-it”- not remembering . I felt drained out and more than half dead. I had anxiety attacks and breathlessness, felt agitated, restless and my joints hurt and my eyes were sore.

    I would awaken most often around 3 AM very suddenly feeling “cooked”anxious and like I had to go out. My chest felt pressured and I would either lay there untill morning with all these things going on, or often I just get up and walk the steets where I would feel refreshed, calm and clear headed.

    At first I put it down to stess from a difficult year with a major move
    .But, in November of 98, my sister and her husband sent me a plane ticket to visit them for a month in Toronto area, I felt good there …slept wonderfully, had lots of energy, was clear headed, focussed, no memory problems and felt normal, tranquil and very cheerful.

    I returned in December and immediately the nosebleeds and all the
    symptoms returned. I continued suffering the above symptoms (plus many other ones) until I went away for 6 weeks in the summer to Vancouver Island to visit my father. Again I felt normal with lots of energy and focus inspite of it being a stessful time with my father being ill and in hospital.

    I returned and again -all the symptoms. By this time I had become aware of the effects of microwave towers and telecomunications instalations through a magazine artical and also through talking to a repairman from the cable(TV) provider. He had come because I was having a lot of interference with my TV.

    I then began to pay attention to the fact that on the next floor but
    one-on the roof top of the building I am in, there are at least 25
    telecomunications towers, transmitters microwave transmitters and the top of the building looks like a porcupine!

    I myself was becoming increasingly more distressed now with occasional bouts of rage, feeling at times like I was going crazy and had lost control of my brain. I was having daily bouts of crying for no apparent reason and yet as soon as I would leave the apartment, I feel fine.

    Then again this past 3 months I went away twice. Once for a month back east again and the last time from 10th Dec. 99 to 06 Jan.2000.

    Upon returning on the 06 Jan. , within moments of being on the upper 20th floor I felt dizzy-off- balance feeling and within 12 hrs I have suffered 2 profuse nose bleeds and couldn’t sleep at all.

    It is my opinion and experience that since Christmas the frequency of use of these transmitters has increased. It feels like like the walls are
    buzzing and I have had very little sleep. I am having to walk the streets at night and visit other people’s homes during the day in order to write letters or do anything that requires concentration.

    Last week, I had 2 visitors on separate days. Both within a minute or so of being in my apartment said they felt blocked in their heads, began experiencing headahes that “dead feeling”. They mentioned they felt agitated and restless and could hear the buzzing ,high pitch vibration and had to leave before a half hour was up. I certainly confirmed that wasn’t “just me” Both telephoned me later and said that within 5 minutes of leaving they felt back to normal.

    I am truly exhausted of this. I only hope that first of all I can find
    another place to live that is affordable because I am on a disability
    pension hence being in government housing-secondly that I can even” get-it-together”enough to pack up and move.

    I hope my story helps in some way.

    PS: I am a retired school teacher ,a massage therapist and an exceptional artist. I haven’t been able to do any art since I moved in to this place.

    Truly Dalana MCaren

    I have written permision from Dalana to publish this story .
    Robert Riedlinger

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