• 13 MAY 06
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    RMIT brain tumour controversy: perhaps its not the antennas

    As for the phone tower cancer fears at the Melbourne Australia RMIT building I have to suggest that it is premature to point the blame at the cell phone towers on top of the RMIT building. The TV aerial shots of the building roof show the antennas mounted on a very tall and substantial equipment building immediately above the top floor where the majority of people with brain tumours worked. As my understanding is that the microwave transmissions go out horizontally and not directly down it is unlikely the cell phone antenna emissions have any significant role in possible EMR exposures to the people in the floor below.

    Besides the equipment to power the antennas the equipment building would most likely house the air-conditioning equipment, elevator lift motors (generating transients) and possibly a building electrical sub-station, as well as lots of electrical cabling in the ceiling of the top floor.

    So people working on the top floor underneath the equipment building are very likely getting a good dose of ELF “dirty electricity” with high voltage transients, harmonics, and RF all riding on the 50 Hz power supply. So perhaps this is more of a headache for the power utility guys than the Telcos!

    As far as an ELF connection with brain tumours there is the 1994 study By Theriault et al, from McGill University. The initial analysis of the data collected from three electric utilities found that workers who had the greatest exposures to magnetic fields had twelve times the expected rate of astrocytomas, a type of brain tumour, based on a small number of cases.

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