• 07 JAN 06
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    Further comments on DECT phones

    From Iris Atzmon in Israel:

    I have also had an experience with DECT.

    I have Alasdair’s COM and acoustic COM, and someone asked me to help her see if
    the cellular antennas near her house were a possible cause for her suffering inside her home.

    She felt ill and she was running away from certain rooms in her house but had no explanation why. She asked her husband to sell their house and move somewhere else because of the antennas that she sees from her window. But the cellular antennas didn’t seem to affect her house – there was no radiation on the side of the antennas, but on the other side of the house- all her kitchen was irradiated, the COM was reading the maximum.

    She turned off the microwave, but it was still reading maximum (6.5 V/m, it could be more but the device shows up to 6.5) . It turned out that the reason was a DECT phone in the kitchen – not in use DECT phone. As soon as she removed the DECT phone – her kitchen was not irradiated anymore….now she doesn’t want to sell her house anymore….and she also bought Alasdair’s COM in order to warn others, she shows them how their cell phones irradiate. At the same time, I was told by people who bought DECT phones that they were told in the store that DECT phones do not emit radiation at all ! …..


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