• 15 JAN 06
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    New EMF web site notice

    Notice from Shivani Arjuna:

    Dear Friends,

    I invite you to check out the new EMR/EMF info. piece I have just posted today at www.LifeEnergies.com/.

    As there has not been a source on the Web where one could get information about the various sub-issues of the EMR.EMF problem, I thought this would be useful. A reader can get a broad background here in short order that would entail great effort and much time to obtain otherwise.

    This is a new Web site, just “born” in late November. I hope to add a number of other features soon, including forums on various topics. It would also be great to use the site to coordinate activism.

    For instance, people suffering from health symptoms since having a “smart meter” attached to their home, or folks who’d like to avoid having one attached, could join here to coordinate effective activism. At present, if an individual complains to the utility that their smart meter has made him direly ill, the utility just says “Nobody else has complained. It must be something else. We can’t do anything just because one person complains, you know.” And they can say this to countless people, who will never know how many other people also are suffering and have also complained to the utility.

    I would also like to mention the Making It Better Notes that I offer on this Web site, as there is nothing like them available elsewhere. (I hope to find a publisher for a book about how to remediate your home from electrical pollution and electrosmog, and will appreciate any tips about publishing.)

    I welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the Web site.

    Shivani Arjuna
    920-994-4082 USA

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