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    Russian precautionary actions and children’s use of cellphones

    It is interesting to compare the following message from Russia to the last one sent out on this list. The researchers at the Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research (ACRBR) conducting that 3 year study on kids and cell phone use should be talking to these guys!

    In fact there should be some direct collaboration considering what the Russians are seeing with Russian kids and cell phone use. The Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(RNCNIRP) has a slightly tougher version of a ‘precautionary principle’ than Australia’s ACRBR. The advice from RNCNIRP is simply “Although it is impossible to ensure healthy way of life for all teenagers, at least cellular phones should be immediately taken away from them.”


    From the State Research Center – Institute of Biophysics, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Center for Bioelectromagnetic Compatibility, Moscow, The Russian Federation
    November 8, 2005


    Hide Cellular Phones From Children

    [Note that I have corrected the English translation in one part (The proper name is the Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). Go to the above link to see the uncorrected original]

    Scientists are concerned with commodization of mobile communications. Although the damage of cellular phones” electromagnetic radiation has never been proved, their safety can not be warranted either. Chairman of the Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP), Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor, Yuri Grigirievich Grigoriev advises that children and teenagers are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Judging by some data, long child”s conversations on the cellular phone may painfully affect in mature age.

    To evaluate safety of cellular phones, consequences of long-term electromagnetic fields” influence should be investigated. The overwhelming majority of medical investigation of mobile communications was performed abroad and was devoted to short-term effects. Domestic researchers have accumulated a lot of data about state of health of the people who worked for years with the sources of electromagnetic radiation. Summing up all these data, Yu. G. Grigoriev affirms that cellular phones are unsafe. Even a short telephone conversation often affects the brain activity: participants of experiment spend more time on fulfilment of test assignments, which is particularly important for students and schoolchildren, some people complain of headache and some distraction.

    This annoyance is over soon but lengthy intense use of cellular communications result in more serious consequences. Some users suffer regularly from headaches, after a five-minute telephone conversation the ache being intensified. People complain of fatiguability, irritability, discomfort feeling, giddiness, difficulty in concentrating attention. The specialists who spent years working with sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation acquire vegetative disorders and neurasthenic symptoms. Experiments with young rats deserve particular attention.

    As children and teenagers are particularly sensitive to negative impact of electromagnetic fields, therefore cellular communication is strongly contra-indicated to them. This opinion is shared by the majority of European scientists. In 2001, the European Parliament Research Group recommended to all EU member countries to prohibit children under 16 to use cellular phones. Physicians of Great Britain accepted similar recommendations in 1999, World Health Organization “” in 2000, Russian physicians “” in 2001. Unfortunately, physicians” recommendations in Russia have no validity. The number of underage subscribers of mobile communications is steadily growing in Russia, and cellular phones manufactures develop special child”s models. In the meantime, adverse effect of electromagnetic radiation is superimposed on the influence of other unfavorable environmental and social factors. Within the last 12 years, Russian teenagers morbidity has increased several times. Although it is impossible to ensure healthy way of life for all teenagers, at least cellular phones should be immediately taken away from them.

    Article supplied by Sylvie

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