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    Direct Action against towers in the Netherlands

    Author: Frans van Velden
    Information about this press article: fransp@dds.nl

    Activist will chain himself to UMTS (3G) antenna installation fence

    27 november 2005 – An activist against UMTS (3G) is ready to chain himself to an antenna installation fence tomorrow morning. He says his group will be satisfied only when UMTS is absolutely banned from the town of Spijkenisse near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    Monday morning operator Orange plans to install three UMTS antennas in a power pylon, about 75 metres from the nearest dwellings. The workers will meet with a crowd of people. “We call them by flyers throughout the neighbourhood”, says Bertus van Drongelen. “To help and prevent the installation of these antennas. If the workers do not leave, one of us will chain himself to the fence.” The activists prevented the installation before, in October.

    Alex Swinkels, Bertus van Drongelen and Gerard de Kimpe are not just worried about the UMTS-antennas. They know the permanent radiation of mobile communication can have terrifying health effects. Some time ago they visited the occupants of the top floor of the Marrewijkflat, an apartment building in Spijkenisse. “80 Percent of them have severe health complaints, from insomnia to cancer”, says Van Drongelen. On top of the Marrewijkflat are several antennas for mobile communication.

    The same problems were found at the 5th and 6th floor elswehere. Opposite are antennas for mobile communication, on top of a four story apartment building. “Insomnia, headache, nausea and a general feeling of sickness”, the occupants report. Some of them are urinating blood. The physicians and specialists can not find any known disease or abnormality. When the occupants leave the premises, they feel better. Back home the sickness returns.

    Therefore, the three activists are convinced of the health effects of the radiation. “It is impossible to have a radiation-free town. The problem of radiation pollution is too complex and it is too late to stop the other antennas”, says Van Drongelen. “But at least we want a town without UMTS. The citizens have to be made aware of the radiation hazard.” According to scientists, the radiation of mobile communication causes toxic effects.

    The activists concentrate on all UMTS-antennas in Spijkenisse. The town council is behind them. The council decided two weeks ago not to grant new antenna mast permits anymore. Councillor Gerrit van Buuren asked operator Orange to respect the wish of the people and cancel the installation. “We have the right permit and documents, we don’t see any reason to stop”, says an Orange spokesman.

    http://www.ad.nl/rotterdam/voorneputten/article69465.ece (Algemeen Dagblad, newspaper)
    interview by telephone with Bertus van Drongelen
    article in local newspaper The Botlek, November 2, 2005
    http://www.stopumts.nl/pdf/motie2_spijkenisse.pdf and http://www.stopumts.nl/pdf/motie1_spijkenisse.pdf (council decisions)

    Author: Frans van Velden
    Information about this press article: fransp@dds.nl

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