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    The Bizarre foundations of “Spiked”

    Following the last message on the mis-reporting of cell phone research by “Spiked” I was send a few links to follow up on about the journalistic credentials and foundations of this group.

    A visit to gmwatch and a search of ‘Spiked’ there, provides interesting detail of the names and faces, as well as their agenda in relation to polluting technologies.


    Also very enlightening reading is The Ecologist article, ‘Strange Bedfellows’ of 19 March of 2003, available at: http://ngin.tripod.com/190303d.htm

    As it turns out, the editor of Spiked Mick Hume, and managing editor, Helene Guidberg, both played those same roles for the defunct magazine “Living Marxism” (later shortened to just “LM” ) that was the mouthpiece for the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) in the UK.

    According to the article in “The Ecologist”, the RCP was born out of ideological in-fighting amongst the extreme left in the 1970s and in the late 1980s, it launched the magazine Living Marxism (later LM). To quote:

    “Part of the RCP’s background was a tactic known as “˜entryism”™, involving the infiltration of unions or political organisations in order to try and control their direction. In the early 90s it turned its back on seeking mass working class action in favour of a new mission – and hence the links to the GM corporate lobby – the promotion of social change by opposing all restrictions on science, technology and business. To forward its new corporate science-led agenda the RCP began a campaign of infiltration of academic and media circles under the slogan, “Go to the suburbs”.

    Ever controversial, LM was forced into closure in 2000 after losing a libel case brought by journalists it had accused of fabricating evidence of Serbian atrocities. RCP/LM were also widely regarded as having been behind the anti-environmental TV series, ‘Against Nature’, which drew the wrath of the Independent Television Commission for having “misled” participants and “distorted” their views via selective editing. The group has also been accused of using the pursuit of “freedom” and “progress” to promote a narrow vision of science and glorify technology, and to defend more or less every environmental and financial corporate excess. “

    So as it turns out the old revolutionaries have found it far more lucrative to fight for the corporate hands that feeds them. As they openly boast:

    “If you like spiked and want more, please put your money where our mouth is – Today.”

    I highly recommend a read of the Ecologist article as it examines how these characters work to corrupt the scientific establishment in the UK. Tactics now employeed internationally by thousands of consultants and public relations firms who would never dream of biting the hand that feeds them.


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