• 18 AUG 05
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    Info. on WLAN (WiFi) wireless systems

    More on WLAN (WiFi) systems from Tony Palanca from Tower Sanity:


    The attached URL from the worlds leading home wireless network provider (linksys) has new solutions that provide broadband connectivity 500 meters from the “little tower” that you buy. This wireless LAN/router costs a couple of hundred dollars and is designed to be set up in the home or business. So if your neighbor buys one, and they are less than 500 meters from your home you are covered like it or not! And if you are in an apartment block you may be covered many times over. In fact it is common now to be able to use your neighbors internet connection by picking up their wireless internet connection from their wireless router.

    Just as an aside, the forward view is that every household will own their own little tower, and using Microsoft media centre, you will be able to operate every TV, CD, PC, DVD and chip enabled device in the home (ie computing/music/video/alarm/heating/oven”etc), through a combination of wireless connectivity and a Microsoft interface. A great vision of the future as long as the EMR is at a safe level, and you don”t mind a life of living in your devices!”I welcome comments from members of this list.

    Tony Palanca

    The link attached


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