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    Spanish paper on RF effects on birds

    Translation of the summary:

    Posibles Efectos De Las Ondas Electromagneticas Utilizadas En La Telefonia Inalambrica

    Alfonso Balmori

    Ardeola 51(2), 2004, 477-490

    Summary – Possible effects of the electromagnetic waves used in th ewireless telephony on wildlife. A bibliographical revision of the possible effects of the waves used in the wireless telephony on animals is presented and its impact on wild birds is analyzed. After exposing the technical characteristics and the legal situation of this new technology, the scientific discoveries that could have interest for the study of their effects on the wild fauna are revised. Basing us on the current scientific knowledge the foregone possible consequences for the birds is commented, keeping in mind the deterioration of some egosystems that they occupy. It is recommended to consider the electromagnetic contamination in the microwave range a possible factor in decline of some populations at risk, especially of the urban birds, subjected at more radiation levels. Effects on birds in rural and protected areas that have phone masts near cannot be rejected. Keeping in mind that birds are excellent bio-indicators, we point out the importance of carrying out studies that value the effects of this new type of contamination and some methodologies that could be useful for this purpose are presented.

    I can email the pdf. file of this paper (in Spanish) upon request.


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